"The Murder by the Parliament: An Interactive Murder Mystery Hunt in Budapest"

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Unleash the Sherlock Holmes within and embark on a thrilling murder mystery hunt in the enchanting city of Budapest! * 'The Murder by The Parliament' transports you back to the 20th century, placing you right on the detective's seat. There's been a murder, a woman's life cut short, and the onus falls on you to decipher the crime and unmask the villain! * Upon purchasing the ticket, head over to the specific pickup point to retrieve the mystery package. This little box of intrigue contains all the essentials needed to crack this case wide open. The beauty of it? There's no rush! Start the investigation whenever the mood strikes. * Relish the freedom of pacing the adventure at your own will, pausing and resuming as desired. * This exhilarating and challenging activity is perfect for sharing with family, friends, or colleagues. For an ideal experience, form a group of 2-4 detectives. * And for those in a larger party, why not up the ante? Purchase additional mysteries and pit your wits against each other. The group that solves the mystery quickest takes home the bragging rights! So, ready to book this ticket and dive into an unforgettable experience?

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Duration: 2h
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Wheelchair accessible 

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