Ecobike Tour in Historic Heraklion


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Step into the pages of history and drink in the charm of Heraklion with the Ecobike Tour. Traverse ancient paths and soak up vibrant culture as the city's secrets unravel beneath the wheels of your bicycle. An expert local guide serves as the charismatic companion, spinning tales and unfolding local lore on this memorable voyage. * The tour takes the ticket holders on a journey through time, visiting iconic landmarks. Marvel at the colossal Venetian Walls, the city's old stalwart protectors, and bask in the animated ambiance of the Venetian Harbor. As they meander through the characterful streets, the fusion of time-worn tradition and modern vibrancy becomes palpable, revealing the true spirit of Heraklion. * The electric bikes provide a seamless adventure, covering more ground and unveiling hidden gems with ease. Feel the breeze ruffling your hair as you glide through the pulsating cityscape, snapping picture-perfect memories and crafting unforgettable moments. The Ecobike Tour is not just a trip around Heraklion, it's a story waiting to be lived.

Duration: 3h
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