Crafting the Evil Eye, a 2-Hour Theatrical Adventure

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Prepare to be transported to the mesmerizing world of ancient Greece with the enchanting theatrical weaving workshop! Get lost in the captivating tale of Arachne, the master weaver who dared to challenge the goddess Athena. Try your hand at the intricate craft of weaving, fashioning your very own evil eye, a charm known for its protective power and luck, deeply enriched in Greek folklore. * While honing the weaving skills, spoil yourself with a soothing cup of tea, brewed from a medley of authentic Greek herbs. This sensory delight adds an extra layer to the immersive journey. The workshop is an extraordinary fusion of storytelling, craft, and culture, offering a chance to connect with Greece's rich heritage. * The keepsake from this experience is more than just a beautiful work of art – it's a tangible piece of history, steeped in myths and traditions of bygone eras. So, come aboard this memorable journey through time, where art and legend flawlessly interweave to create a truly magical experience!

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Duration: 2h
Last admission: 1h before closing
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Wheelchair accessible 

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