The Murder at City Hall: Interactive Mystery Hunt in Hamburg


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Unleash the detective within and embark on a thrilling murder mystery quest around the enchanting city of Hamburg! * In 'The Murder by City Hall,' the clock rewinds to the 20th century. Imagine being a seasoned criminal investigator in Hamburg, where a body has been discovered mysteriously. The task is to unravel the crime and bring the perpetrator to justice! * Upon purchase, rush to the designated pickup point to collect a package brimming with all the essentials needed to crack this mystery wide open. Once armed with the tools of the trade, the adventure begins at one's leisure. * Relish the flexibility of starting and pausing the game at will. The beauty of this gripping activity is that it's ideally suited for families, a group of friends, or even as a team-building exercise with colleagues. * A little birdie suggests that a team of 2-4 is the perfect size for this escapade. For larger groups, why not ramp up the excitement with multiple mysteries and a friendly competition? The group that solves the mystery the quickest takes home the bragging rights! * Book now, and dive headfirst into a thrilling world of intrigue and suspense.

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Duration: 2h
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Wheelchair accessible 

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Hamburg Mystery Games

Der Reisemarkt Rathausmarkt Arkaden 0, Pavillion 2a , 20095

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