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The exhibition The World of Banksy, at the Banksy Museum in Brussels, is dedicated to the street art movement and its elusive headliner: Banksy.

The exhibition features recreations of the artist's most iconic works by other street artists, and invites the viewer to reflect on the purpose of art. If you're a fan of Banksy's satirical and razor-sharp art, this exhibit is a must-see.

This Banksy exhibition in Brussels is an immersive experience, which brings together more than 100 works recreated especially for the exhibition. Through prints, videos, installations and more, visitors gain insight into the mysterious British artist whose identity remains a mystery. A team of equally anonymous international street artists were given the keys to La Tentation – a magical old fabric house in the center of town – and tasked with creating a seamless journey through the artwork. by Banksy. This memorable exhibit features reproductions of some of Banksy's studio work, along with animated visuals and videos.

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The World of Banksy – The Immersive Experience at La Tentation

28 Rue de Laeken , 1000

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