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Unleash the inner chocolatier at the Belgian Chocolate Makers workshop in Brussels, where a world of cocoa-infused delights awaits. A hands-on, immersive experience that will take the senses on a tantalizing journey. * Don an apron and join the master chocolatiers to craft a delectable collection of chocolate treats. Sip on a comforting hot chocolate or a refreshing glass of lemonade as the cocoa creativity flows. * The day begins with a heartwarming welcome from Elisabetta or Patricia, the resident chocolate gurus. They'll share the sweet secrets of the Belgian chocolate world, ensuring guests leave with a wealth of chocolate-making knowledge. * Discover the wonders of ruby chocolate - a naturally pink cocoa bean that's a recent addition to the chocolate family. Sample a raw cocoa bean and indulge in a divine liqueur de cacao. The experience is rounded off with a tasting of three unique chocolates hailing from the Philippines (Mana), Congo (Ituri), and the enchanting ruby variety.

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Duration: 1h30min
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