What is an AllTrippers expert?

An AllTrippers expert is a user who has been selected and recognised by our teams for his/her expertise in one or more areas (health, housing, employment, education, etc.).

AllTrippers experts selection

Our experts are selected on:

  • their desire to help and their involvement in the community
  • their knowledge and experience
  • their editorial qualities :
    • clarity and precision of the words
    • excellent command of written English (spelling and grammar) or the language they are writing in.
    • their attachment to citing their sources

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to become an AllTrippers expert!

Benefits of being recognised as an AllTrippers Expert

Our experts benefit from:

  • a highlight of their expert profile on questions / answers and good official addresses added
  • a AllTrippers Expert badge attached to their username
  • access to the AllTrippers administration site

Our experts are - for now - volunteer.