El Calafate: Panoramic Tour with Punta Walichu

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Embark on a journey of discovery at Punta Walichu! Just a short 8km hop from the nearest town, this archaeological haven unveils the footprints of ancient dwellers. Stroll through the cliffs and caves for a glimpse of original and reproduced cave paintings, all while soaking in the stunning vista of Lake Argentino and the magnificent Andes. * The adventure doesn't stop there! A jaunt through the main streets of the old town reveals a blend of early pioneer structures and modern civic center buildings. The trusty guide, every bit the time-traveling chauffeur, narrates the town's history and introduces its rich flora and fauna. * Next, the Coastal Promenade and Bahía Redonda await, a stone's throw away from the shimmering shores of Lake Argentino. This bird-watchers' paradise is teeming with local avian residents. * This enchanting tour is your ticket to unlocking the secrets and stories of El Calafate. Don't merely admire the picturesque views, live them! It's time to book your ticket and immerse in an experience of a lifetime!

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1341 Avenida del Libertador , Z9405

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