Trans Pride Panel at Waterstones Piccadilly

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Waterstones Piccadilly

203-206 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9HD

Thursday 27 June de 17:30 à 18:30


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Join us for an evening celebrating the amazing voices of Trans authors and illustrators.

We are delighted to be hosting a Trans Pride event with MyGeneration the Trans Pride Publishing Network and JKP; join us for an evening celebrating the amazing voices of Trans authors and illustrators, featuring two panels; Lived Experiences and Storytelling Through Illustration.


Jamie Raines - The T in LGBT

Jamie is an author and creator who documented his transition journey online and is known for his quintessential humour and LGBT+ advocacy. He has an audience of over a million people and has a PhD in transgender wellbeing, development and sexuality.

Kenny Ethan Jones - Dear Cisgender People

Kenny is an activist and writer who made history by being the first trans man to front a period campaign. He's campaigned about menstruation, body politics, mental health and intimacy. In 2024 he founded Bodyco, a period care company that specializes in products for trans people.

Charlie Craggs - To My Trans Sisters

Charlie has been dubbed “the voice of a community” by Vogue. She is best known for her award-winning campaign Nail Transphobia, her LAMBDA nominated book To My Trans Sisters and her BBC documentary Transitioning Teens. She since gone on to recieve a Marie Claire Future Shaper award and speak in Parliament.

Laura Kate Dale - Me & My Dysphoria Monster

Laura is a video game journalist, author and activist. She is known for writing about the transgender and autism communities in relation to video games and for her video game industry leaks.

Ben Pechey - The Book of Non-Binary Joy

Ben is a non-binary writer, presenter, content creator and LGBTQIA advocate. They have written and produced content for The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, Refinery 29 and Diva Magazine. They are the author of The Book of Non-Binary Joy and Your Gender Book.


Theo Parish - Homebody

Theo is an author/ illustrator driven by a passion for creating the kinds of stories they longed to see as a kid. Theo’s work is inspired by their love of fantasy and their experiences moving through the world as a queer and neurodivergent person.

Sophie Labelle - Assigned Male at Birth comics

Sophie is a neurodivergent trans cartoonist and novelist from Montréal, in French Canada. She is the author of the webcomic Assigned Male, which has been running since 2014, and the Ciel novel series.

Fox Fisher - Trans Teen Survival Guide

Fox is an artist, author, filmmaker and campaigner. Fox was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for their work on trans issues in the media. Fox creates films via My Genderation, is a consultant for trans storylines for TV and Netflix, and is a co-founder of Trans Pride, Brighton.

Ocean Grove - illustrator

Ocean is a queer and trans illustrator, content creator, and owner of Conscious Euphoria in Brighton. Art has been integral to their life since before transitioning in 2012. Ocean's mission is to create inclusive content that accurately represents the diverse trans community and fosters feelings of joy.

Lewis Hancox - Escape from St Hell

Lewis is a writer, illustrator, and filmmaker, known for his online comedy characters and animations. He co-created an ongoing film project about trans people called My Genderation. He is the author of Welcome to St. Hell and Escape from St Hell.