The Silence In Between: Josie Ferguson in Conversation - Gower St

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82 Gower Street, London, WC1E 6EQ

Thursday 20 June de 17:30 à 19:00


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Join us for an evening with Josie Ferguson who will be joining us to discuss her page-turning debut The Silence In Between.

Join us for an evening with Josie Ferguson who will be joining us to discuss her page-turning debut The Silence In Between.

Imagine waking up and a wall has divided your city in two. Imagine that on the other side is your new-born baby and there is now no way of getting to him...

Lisette lives in East Berlin but brings her new-born baby to a hospital in West Berlin. Under doctor's orders, she goes home to rest, leaving the baby in the care of the hospital. But overnight the border between East and West closes, slicing the city - and the world - in two. With a city in chaos and armed guards ordered to shoot anyone who tries to cross, her situation is desperate.

Lisette's teenage daughter, Elly, has always struggled to understand the distance between herself and her mother. Both live for music but while Elly hears notes surrounding every person she meets, for her mother - once a talented pianist - the world has gone silent. Perhaps Elly can do something to bridge the gap between them.

What begins as the flicker of an idea turns into a daring plan to escape East Berlin, find her baby brother, and bring him home.... them from their private pains. Is it that simple?

Don't forget to include a copy of The Silence In Between with your ticket. There will be a book signing following the discussion. Join us from 18:00 for a welcome drink!

Born in Sweden, to a family of writers and readers, Josie Ferguson moved to Scotland when she was two. She returned to Sweden in her twenties, where she completed a vocational degree in Clinical Psychology (MSc). Upon graduating, she moved to London to pursue a career in publishing, something she had dreamed about since delving into fictional worlds as a child, hidden under the duvet with a torch.

She later moved to Asia in search of an adventure and a bit more sun and currently works as a freelance book editor in Singapore, where she lives with her husband and two young children. While training to become a clinical psychologist, Josie learned about the complexity of human nature, something she explores as a writer. She believes books about the past can change the future and she aspires to write as many as possible. The Silence In Between is her debut.