Rob Rinder and Tom Hindle in conversation with B.P. Walter - TCR

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19-21 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 1BJ

Friday 21 June de 18:00 à 19:00


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Join us for a discussion of all things crime with bestselling novelists Rob Rinder, Tom Hindle and B.P. Walter.

Join us for what promises to be a thrilling evening with bestselling crime writers Rob Rinder and Tom Hindle, as they speak to B.P. Walter about their brilliant new novels.

THE SUSPECT by Rob Rinder

When the UK's favourite breakfast TV presenter dies live on air in front of millions of viewers, the nation is left devastated.

More devastated still when it becomes clear that her death was not an accident.

The evidence points to one culprit: celebrity chef Sebastian Brooks. But junior barrister Adam Green is about to discover that the case is not as open-and-shut as it first seemed.

And although her angelic persona would suggest otherwise, she was not short of enemies in the glittery TV world,,.

Can Adam uncover the truth?

Rob Rinder is a barrister turned broadcaster and now, a bestselling author. He started his broadcast career with Judge Rinder for ITV before going on to host his own BBC 5 Liv series Raising the Bar. Rob's novels The Trial and The Suspect are inspired by his experiences as a barrister.


One happy couple. Two divided families. A wedding party to die for.

On the private island of Castello Fiore - surrounded by the glittering waters of Lake Garda - the illustrious Heywood family gathers for their son Laurence's wedding to Italian influencer Eva Bianchi.

But as the ceremony begins, a blood-curdling scream brings the proceedings to a devastating halt...

Tom Hindle hails from Leeds and lives in Oxfordshire with his wife, a cat and two surprisingly cunning tortoises. He is the author of A Fatal Crossing, The Murder Game and Murder on Lake Garda - which were inspired by masters of the crime genre such as Agatha Christie and Anthony Horowitz.

The discussion will be chaired by fellow crime writer B.P. Walter. B.P. Walter has released a number of hugely successful novels since his debut in A Version of the Truth in 2019. His forthcoming novel The Garden Party publishes this July.