Eloise Rickman and Emma Svanberg in conversation - Trafalgar Sq

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Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5EJ

Wednesday 19 June de 18:00 à 19:00


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Join us as we welcome Eloise Rickman, in conversation with Emma Svanberg, to launch Eloise's new book It's Not Fair.

Join us as we welcome Eloise Rickman, in conversation with Emma Svanberg, to launch Eloise's new book It's Not Fair: why it's time for a grown-up conversation about how adults treat children, a groundbreaking argument for children's liberation.

Why do some adults think it’s fine to hit children?Why does the school system fail so many pupils?And when their future is on the line, why can’t children vote?

How we treat children isn’t fair. Despite the lip service paid to their rights, children are still discriminated against in every aspect of their lives: rising levels of child poverty, underfunded and outdated education and childcare systems, controlling parenting practices, and political systems that exclude their voices on issues which will affect them most — not least the climate crisis.Children are not passive victims of oppression, but their resistance and struggle for equality has been largely ignored by the wider social justice movement — until now. In this groundbreaking manifesto, Eloise Rickman argues that it’s time to stop viewing children as less than adults and start fighting for their rights to be taken seriously.

Radical, compassionate, and profoundly hopeful, this powerful new book signals the start of a long-overdue conversation about how we treat children. Featuring practical solutions and the voices of children and adults who are working towards them, It’s Not Fair is a call to embrace children’s liberation and the possibility of a better, fairer world.

Eloise Rickman is a writer whose work focuses on adultism (the structural oppression of children by adults), children's rights, and children's liberation. She is currently completing graduate studies in children’s rights at UCL’s Institute of Education, and has a degree in social anthropology from the University of Cambridge. Her first book Extraordinary Parenting (Scribe) was published in 2020. She grew up in Brighton and currently lives in London, where she home-educates her daughter.

Emma Svanberg is the author of Parenting for Humans (Vermillion). An award winning clinical psychologist, she is the founder of The Psychology Co-operative and co-founder of Make Birth Better CIC. Emma also facilitates an online parenting community called The Village – A Parenting Community For Humans.