Black History Walks, Regents Canal

Unique tour of the 200 year old waterway from an African/Caribbean perspective showing the secrets and lies of London's industrial past

Explore quiet backwaters, hidden streets and busy highways while filling in the blanks on the banks of a long neglected watery history.

W e will cover:

  • Uncredited Black inventors that changed the world
  • Railways, rivers and Black British Civil Rights
  • Black d eaths in white police custody, UFFC to BLM, Hackney to Tottenham
  • Armed white working class revolution in the UK, the Jamaican connection
  • Black teachers and academic excellence
  • Luxuries and classic British culture
  • Ancient G reek authors who were not Greek at all
  • Gentrification, kerb crawling, raving and prosecutions
  • British sewage in the Caribbean
  • Black History Walks Volume 1 from Jacaranda books

O ther coming events from Black History Walks

  • James Baldwin season at BFI Southbank
  • Black History Bus tour
  • Theatreland's Black History Walk
  • How Black people won World War 2
  • How to teach Black history at GCSE level @pearson
  • Battlestar Galactica's black history
  • Marvin Gaye the protest years
  • Secrets of Soho black history walks
  • Harlem in Mayfair
  • 20 Banned Black films you need to see